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dnn4Currency, your currency exchange overview for showing the daily exchange rate directly on your website. Straightforward, very easy to install and to configure.




  • Use the button here below to change your settings, such as default currency, exchange rates against other currencies, enable heading, currency history details, etc.




  • Enterprise Edition: one server unlimited installations on all your (sub)domains


  • support for DNN 4.x and DNN 5.x
  • based on daily online delivered currency exchange rates from the European
    Central Bank (ECB)
  • date in three formats available:
    - yyyy-mm-dd (ISO),
    - mm.dd.yyyy (for English-minded users) and
    - dd.mm.yyyy (for the rest of the world)
  • at least one currency exchange rate
  • with a maximum of 8 currencies in one horizontal line
  • "unlimited" add of other currencies by adding at each new horizontal line a
    new instance of the same dnn4Currency module (see example below)
  • define your own color for each of your currencies
  • ability to put additional HTML styled graphical and/or text comment below
    each currency
  • ability to -link directly to the European Central Bank currency rate exchange
    details for each currency
  • ability to self support your localization for the menus into your local language
  • webmaster option to swich on/off the ability to change Currency Preferences,
    by your users without to login
  • supported currencies:
    • European Euro
    • Icelandic Krona
    • Romanian Leu
    • Australian Dollar
    • Japanese Yen
    • Russian Rouble
    • Bulgarian Lev
    • Korean Won
    • Swedish Krona
    • Brazilian Real
    • Lithuanian Litai
    • Swiss Franc
    • Canadian Dollar
    • Latvian Lati
    • Singapore Dollar
    • Chinese Yuan
    • Mexical Peso
    • Slovakia Koruna
    • Czech Koruna
    • Malaysian Ringt
    • South African Rand
    • Estonia Kroon
    • Norwegian Krone
    • Thai Baht
    • Hong Kong Dollar
    • New Zealand Dollar
    • Turkish Lira
    • Croatian Kuna
    • Philippine Peso
    • UK Pound
    • Hungary Forint
    • Polish Zloty
    • USA Dollar
    • Indonesian Rupiah



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