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dnn4Clock, your worldwide timezone clocks for showing online time
information directly on your website. Straightforward, very easy
to install and to configure.




  • Use the button on the right side to change here below your Clock Preferences

United States - Denver


United States - Illinois


United States - New York


Argentina - San Luis




  • Enterprise Edition: one server unlimited installations on all your (sub)domains


  • support for DNN 4.x and DNN 5.x
  • based on WorldTimeserver.com delivered time for every country (and timezones)
    around the world
  • at least one clock and a maximum of 8 clocks horizontal in line
  • define each clock with your timezone, width, height, color and a small text subline
  • use HTML font styles to layout the text subline
  • hyperlink for each clock to local TimeZone details at WorldTimeserver
  • ability to self support your localization for the menus into your local language
  • webmaster option to define horizontal alignment: left, center, justify, right
  • webmaster option to swich on/off the ability to change the individual Clock
    Preferences, such as TimeZone, Size, and Color by your users without to login



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